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Posted by on Apr 3, 2014 in Press Release, Upcoming Events | 0 comments

Pasture Management 101 for Horse Owners

Press Release:


Date: Saturday, April 12, 2014

Location: Bay Point Equestrian Center

Time: 8:30am – 3:00pm

Cost: $35.00 per person

University of Maryland Extension (UME) is excited to announce a Pasture Management 101 Seminar for the Eastern Shore- located at Bay Point Equestrian Center in Berlin, MD. Join UME on April 12, 2014 for a full day of presentations to learn how to better manage your pastures to improve both your horses’ health and the environment!

Topics will include reducing hay and grain costs, water management to reduce soil loss, improved nutrition for grazing horses, and more.

The day will begin with classroom instruction from our pasture experts and will include hands-on practice in pasture management techniques. Hosted by the new Bay Point Equestrian Center, LLC they will be hosting a farm tour after lunch.

The cost of the program is $40.00 per person which includes lunch and all program materials. To register, contact Jennifer Reynolds at 301 405-1547or Online registration is also available at for those who would like to register with a credit card.

Pre-registration is required. Please leave all dogs at home! UME programs are open to all.

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Sports Massage Therapy Lecture

Press Release

Date:               Thursday, November 14, 2013

Location:        Windy Way Horses, LLC

6836 E New Market-Ellwood Road Hurlock MD 21643

Time:              6:00-8:00pm

Cost:               $5.00 per person (4-H members free)

Equine Sports Massage Therapy is a great way to help your horse perform at its best.  Join the University of Maryland Extension to learn how with proper nutrition and muscle conditioning, a sports massage can help benefit your horse’s performance.  Selecting the correct feed and types of hay for the performance horse will also be discussed.  For safety reasons, please wear closed toe shoes when attending this program. A hands on demonstration of equine sports massage will be given by Annie Trice, ESMT.

Light refreshments will be provided along with door prizes during the program. Pre-registration is requested as space is limited.  Cost of the program is $5.00 per person (4-H members are free). All ages are encouraged to attend.  Register online at If using a check as payment, please make check payable to Worcester County Extension EAC.

See the event on our Calendar. Connect with the University of Maryland Extension – Lower Eastern Shore on Facebook to learn more about their events.

Download the Flyer


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Shore Rider Profile Series: Jules Ennis

Our next rider in the Shore Rider Profile Series comes to us from Queenstown, Maryland by way of England. She is currently studying Equine Sport Science at UWE Hartpury, gaining valuable experience she can bring back to the Eastern Shore. Jules’ family runs Ennisbrook Farm, also located in Queenstown. Remember, if you want to have your own Shore Rider Profile, click here to find out more about submitting your story!

Jules Ennis riding Walstraed at the 2011 Plantation Field CIC**.

Jules Ennis riding Walstraed at the 2011 Plantation Field CIC**.

Tell us about yourself: Jules Ennis of Queenstown, MD has competed to the Advanced Level in the Olympic sport of Three Day Eventing. Jules is nineteen years old and is currently attending university at UWE Hartpury in England.

Tell us about your horse(s): Walstraed is my upper level eventing horse. I call him Jack, or sometimes, Muffin. Jack is a ten year old Dappled Gray Dutch Warmblood. He is seventeen hands, but is very proud and seems taller in person. He was imported to the states by Jan Byyny as an Olympic prospect, but due to an unfortunate accident, she sold him to us when he was seven. I brought him back down to training level and then we moved up through the ranks together through Intermediate and CIC**. The year before we left for England we finished in the top ten nationally of the United States Eventing Association Young Riders.

I also have a five year old Irish Sport Horse named Cooley O. He is a fabulous jumper but we just started his competitive career last month. Cooley O is only about 16 hands and is very lovable.

How did you first start riding: I first started riding as a three year old being led around on my Mom’s horse, Ariel. Ariel taught a lot of kids on the Eastern Shore how to ride and jump. My first pony, Angel, was as cute as they get and for a couple of years I pretty much just jumped on her or any other pony in my sights bareback. My mom bought me a Western saddle for twenty-five bucks at an auction, but I didn’t usually bother with it. Instead of Girl Scouts I joined the local 4-H club in Queen Anne’s County and had lots of fun at Fair racing barrels and Nez Perce as well as riding equitation, dressage and jumping. I even did some cutting and roping. When I was nine, I joined pony club and became interested in eventing. I wanted to learn all I could about taking care of my horse so have spent every summer since as a working student.

Jules getting ready to barrel race at the Queen Anne's County fair on the pony Pixie in 2009.

Jules getting ready to barrel race at the Queen Anne’s County fair on the pony Pixie in 2009.

What is your favorite part of working with horses: I love everything about working with horses which is why I am getting a degree in equine sports science. I want to learn all I can about developing each horse to its greatest potential. Because so much of that also entails the rider, a significant number of my classes delve into the human side of riding.

What are your short-term goals for this year: My short term goal for this year is to compete Jack at the CCI** level in the fall and prepare to move him up to the three star level next year. There are so many great competitions in England, and I want to get the most experience that I can. I also have a great five year old, Cooley O that I am getting to know and competing at the lower British Eventing levels.

Where do you want to be in your riding career in 5 years: If everything went perfectly…which it never does with horses…I would like to have ridden for the U.S. Olympic Eventing team in Rio in 2016.  Not every horse has the talent to compete at the four star level, and Walstraed IS that talented of a horse. Making the team is a matter of talent, dedication, and luck. Only four riders make the team every four years. However, if I successfully compete the four star at Badminton then I will be able to check off the number one item on my bucket list. From there, I would like to step back and start training and teaching other horses and riders to be the best they can be.

Favorite horse movie: The Man from Snowy River with my favorite horse scene ever with the final chase and the awe-inspiring horse ride down the mountainside.

Best advice you’ve ever been given: Always wear a helmet!

Since I am only nineteen, I’m still figuring out the end results of most of the advice I have chosen to follow or not follow. All my life I was told there is no money in horses, don’t go in that direction. Well, obviously I am ignoring that advice getting my degree in equine sports science and pretty much dedicating the rest of my time to my horses and competing. I figure I would rather be poor and happy by pursuing my dreams rather than work in an office. I know that I can make money at training horses and being a riding instructor, but in order to afford to compete at the highest levels, I need to learn how to promote myself and show others that I am worthy of their sponsorship. For now, I will continue to better my skills by training with the best in the industry and competing against first rate riders on the challenging courses in England.

Most memorable horse experience: Riding my seventeen year old thoroughbred, Findhorn at the Advanced level at New Jersey Horse Park. I started riding Finn when we were both twelve and to finish in fourth place in our first Advanced horse trial together had me on top of the world. It wasn’t the ribbon, but his magnificence on the cross country field that had me so psyched. It would be my last competition on him and it could not have been more perfect. In fact, our whole last season was incredible…I love that horse.

Link to website or blog:,

Jules and Walstraed Walstraed at the 2011 VA Horse Trial CCI* trot up inspection.

Jules and Walstraed at the 2011 VA Horse Trial CCI* trot up inspection.

Jules and Walstraed during show jumping at the 2011 Plantation Field CIC**.

Jules and Walstraed during show jumping at the 2011 Plantation Field CIC**.



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Shore Rider Profile Series: Alexis Cook

We have our first guinea pig entry for our Shore Rider Profile Series! Meet Alexis Cook, a local young rider who currently rides at Secret Pride Stables in Salisbury, Md. Want to be featured in an upcoming post? See this article for details. Fill out the questionnaire and email it to

"Lexie" and Bravo, the horse she is leasing.

“Lexie” and Bravo, the horse she is leasing.

Tell us about yourself: My name is Alexis Cook. I’m 12 years old. I live in Hebron, Maryland.

Tell us about your horse(s): I lease a horse named Bravo. He is a 20 year old Arabian. He rides English and especially likes jumping but can do anything. I ride another horse named Whiskey. He is a spotted saddle horse and is gaited. He’s 12 and was trained western but I ride him English. He does anything too.

How did you first start riding: I started riding because my friend had a horse and started giving me lessons.

What is your favorite part of working with horses: I like grooming horses or lunging because you seem to learn more about the horse.

Where do you want to be in your riding career in 5 years: I want to have jumped 4 feet or higher and be riding in higher leveled shows.

Favorite horse movie: My favorite horse movie is Secretariat.

Best advice you’ve ever been given: Circles are a girls best friend.

Most memorable horse experience: At my old farm there was a pony and one time he was out in his paddock with nothing on him but and blanket and I stood up on him. I knew he wouldn’t do anything.

Lexie and Whiskey.

Lexie and Whiskey.

Lexie and Bravo.

Lexie and Bravo.


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Posted by on Feb 22, 2012 in Horse Stories, News | 1 comment

People, Horses, and the Eastern Shore

I’ve created this website to provide resources and unite horse enthusiasts on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware and surrounding areas. I believe that bringing the shore’s equine community together can build it up and make it stronger, and I would like to help do that. Along the way, I hope to create a site where fellow horse people can share their ideas and experiences, setbacks and success stories.

You may be thinking, “I ride hunters, what can I learn from trail riders?,” “I only have miniatures,” “I don’t want to go to shows,” “I don’t have a horse right now…” That’s okay!

Crossing the line between disciplines and meeting new people can be intimidating; all too often, preconceived stereotypes get in the way. Your mind conjures up images of haughty dressage queens… sparkly western princesses… crazy eventers… snobby hunter/jumpers… boring trail riders.

Even if you don’t participate in a specific discipline, the world of horses is wide open to you. And what a wonderful world it is!

Having horses in your life means having a love affair only other horse people can understand. Having a local network means increasing regional economy and building our equine industry with common goals.

How wonderful if we could all learn from and support each other, regardless of tack! Think of the extra knowledge, the extra friends, the extra strength in the Eastern Shore horse community…

  • Trying to plan your show schedule?
  • Have something for sale?
  • Looking for an instructor?
  • Want to know what’s going on this weekend?
  • Like learning new things about horses and having fun?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of those questions, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to the Eastern Shore Horse Network, and please leave a comment or send me an email — we’d all love to hear your story!

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